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Manilla Road 1976
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The foundations for Manilla Road were laid in 1976 when vocalist and lead guitarist Mark Shelton teamed up with bass player Scott Park. Along with two interim drummers, Manilla Road began to play the bars in Wichita, Kansas. Their song "Herman Hill" (inspired by the 1979 Easter Sunday riot in Wichita's Herman Hill Park) first brought them widespread attention and local radio airplay. To complete the band's lineup, drummer Rick Fisher signed on in July of 1979.

Manilla Road produced, promoted, and headlined a concert in the East High School Auditorium in Wichita, and were encouraged to produce' their own album. Invasion was recorded in the winter of 1979 and was released locally on Roadster Records, Inc., in March, 1980. Several local appearances were scheduled to promote the album, which had good, constant sales in area record stores. Invasion quickly reached number one (#1) 'on the rock playlist at KMUW-FM, and became the album to remain on the playlist longest in the show's eight year history. In addition, songs from Invasion also appeared on KBUZ-FM in Arkansas City, Kansas, and on special reports by Wichita television stations KPTS and KTVH.

Manilla Road headlined KMUW's "Rock Party" benefit concert in July of 1981 (co-sponsored by KICT-FM and "Pogo's" of Wichita, with promotional assistance from Warner Brothers and Chrysalis Records). The band opened for the Wichita appearance of "Point Blank,"' to wild audience approval. Manilla Road was also chosen t.....

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Manilla Road

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