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Reacties op het overlijden van Eddie Van Halen
Muzieknieuws 07-10-2020 14:41
Gisteren overleed gitaargrootheid Eddie Van Halen. De hele muziekwereld reageert op zijn overlijden en we hebben enkele reacties voor je onder elkaar gezet.

Gisteravond hebben we dit artikel online gezet, waarin je onder meer een interview met Van Halen kunt teruglezen. Inmiddels reageren collega's en vrienden massaal op het overlijden van de grensverleggende gitarist.

Wolfgang Van Halen
"I can't believe I'm having to write this, but my father, Edward Lodewijk Van Halen, has lost his long and arduous battle with cancer this morning.
He was the best father I could ever ask for. Every moment I've shared with him on and off stage was a gift.
My heart is broken and I don't think I'll ever fully recover from this loss.I love you so much, Pop."

Adrian Vandenberg - Vandenberg
"As everybody will have heard or read by now Eddie (Edward) Van Halen passed away yesterday. What a huge loss.. Without a doubt one of the absolute greatest and most influential musicians of all time. Millions of guitar players, in the rock field or not, have been influenced by his playing, directly or indirectly. In that respect he was the natural successor to Jimi Hendrix in my opinion, a true pioneer.
There are so many elements and colours to Eddie’s playing; blues, rock, jazz and classical and that whole cocktail bounces out of the speakers, always sparkling with an incredibly dynamic expressiveness.
For a player who was seen as a ‘rock guitarist’ his playing smoothly transcended all genres, proven by Eddie’s fluid solo in Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’. Eddie made it seem so effortless, always with that endearing, almost childish smile on his face he’d play stunning solos with an amazing, rock solid sense of timing. I’ve always felt that because of his explosive solo’s his fantastic, tasteful rhythm playing has often been overlooked. His choice and placement of chords, untwined with tasty, fluid licks are just as unique as his solos. I could go on and on..
Edward Van Halen has a more than well deserved top spot in music history among the all time greats and leaves behind a timeless body of work as a musician, composer and performer. One of a kind.
R.I.P. Eddie, you’ll never be forgotten.


Pete Townshend - The Who
"I was once asked by Michael Jackson to play electric guitar on the Thriller album," Pete Townshend tells Rolling Stone. "I said I couldn’t do it but recommended Eddie, who called and we chatted. He was utterly charming, happy about the connection, but told me how much he was enjoying playing keyboards. His smile was just classic. A man in his rightful place, so happy to be doing what he did.
"It’s completely tragic that we have lost him. He was not just an innovative and stylish player with great taste, he was also a laidback virtuoso showman who just blew us all away every time. Every shredder today has lost their Master Teacher and Guide.
"As he got older he became more generous and amusing and self-effacing about his enormous gifts. He shared so many tricks through guitar workshops, online and on TV shows. Immense talent. The Great American Guitar Player. I was hoping he might be President one day."
Eddie van Halen 1955-2020. Rest in peace."

JB Meijers - The Common Linnets
"NSRN (Not So Random Necrology) alert!
So, Eddie van Halen passed on to the other side. A big loss, although his music will live forever. As I discovered the wonderful world of the electric guitar as a little boy, he was an early eye opener for me, a seventies kid.
Definately it was Jimi Hendrix that turned me on in the first place, but very soon after, Van Halen’s first record entered my young brain through my green ears.
It was almost like I saw Citizen Kane first (Jimi Hendrix), not totally getting what I just saw and then immediately getting slapped over the head by Star Wars (Eddie van Halen), that was just so goooood and mind-bending.
Later on I got incredibly bored by the tsunami of shredders that followed Eddie in his wake and turned to, shall we say, more soulful stuff, but ever since that record hit me, it was never far from me, through the 80’s maybe as a guilty pleasure, but having to admit to myself the record simply was a landmark for every aspiring player, but also your regular music-listener. Through the ninetees and noughties I would even hear myself say that Van Halen 1 is in my top 10 favorite records of all time, which of course is an impossible list to compose.
RIP Ed! And thanks!"

John Mayer
“Eddie Van Halen was a guitar superhero,” Mayer wrote. “A true virtuoso. A stunningly good musician and composer. Looking up to him as a young kid was one of the driving forces in my needing to pick up a guitar. I was so blown away watching him exert such control and expression over his instrument. Learning to play the guitar taught me so many things, but still absolutely nothing about how to play like Eddie Van Halen. And for that reason, I never stopped watching him in adolescent awe and wonder, and I promise you I never will. So very sad to learn of his passing. My love to his family, his bandmates, his friends and his crew. EVH FOREVER”

Ruben Hoeke - Ruben Hoeke Band
"Oh no. Dit vind ik echt heel erg. Voor mij, by far de aller, allergrootste R&R gitarist ooit. One of a kind. Rest in peace Eddie."

Ozzy Osbourne
"Eddie Van Halen was one of the nicest guys I ever worked with and we shared so many laughs together.   His influence on music and especially the guitar has been immeasurable.  He was an absolute legend.  Eddie, I’ll see you on the other side, my friend.  Love, Ozzy."

Jack Pisters - Conservatorium van Amsterdam
"Do I need to say more? A true genius who reinvented the instrument and with tremendous time, sound, flair, guts, and chops made us all want to study...and become a rock-n-roll guitar player. Thanks for the inspiration and kickin' my butt. RIP Eddie Van Halen You'll be truly missed. Respect!"

Corvin Sylvester - Copperhead County
"Mijn favoriete album van Van Halen was ‘BALANCE’. De songs, de zang van Sammy Hagar, die ritmesectie en dan die gitaarpartijen van Eddie van Halen.
Niemand klonk zo, niemand had die touch, die feel, die timing en hij was ook nog eens een heuse pionier op het gebied van gitaarsounds.
Een sleutelaar, uitvinder en onderzoeker, meester van de melodie. Iemand die naast Lester William Polsfuss (Les Paul) en Jimi Hendrix het speelveld van de gitaar eigenhandig veranderd heeft. Daar mogen we hem eeuwig dankbaar voor zijn.
Thx Ed, rest in peace."

Billy Idol
"Gitaarlegende Eddie van Halen, rust zacht. Mijn hart is gebroken, we zullen je missen" 

Sammy Hagar
"Mijn hart is gebroken en ik ben sprakeloos"

Jimmy Kimmel - talkshowpresentator
"Twee van de beste uren van mijn leven bracht ik pratend door met Eddie van Halen. Een geweldige muzikant, en een aardige man die zal worden gemist", zegt presentator Jimmy Kimmel.

Cat Stevens
"Hij was een gitaarvernieuwer die het muzikale en technische gebied verkende",

Nikki Sixx
"Je was de Mozart van de rockmuziek!"

Gene Simmons - Kiss
"My heart is Broken. Eddie was not only a Guitar God, but a genuinely beautiful soul. Rest in peace, Eddie!"

Jen Tabor - CEO Souldier Straps
1979 - Eddie Van Halen. The first guitarist I remember knowing by name. His style was fresh, wild, crazed and created the sound of the next generation. Thank you, Eddie. RIP.